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Welcome to roundreading! The part of the Year 10 English course where you can (in a small group) read and study a book of your choice. What does roundreading mean? It is a pun.

The books you can choose from this year are listed on the right hand margin under pages. Each English class may choose a slightly different selection of books. Here are the ones which our class will be using. Once you have read the blurbs below and explored any links, your teacher will ask you to give her your top book preferences.

You may not get your first preference, as the LRC only has limited copies of each book, and we can have no more than four students working on any one book. Do not despair though: all of the books chosen for roundreading are engaging and excellent!

It will be important to read your book carefully once, then again in sections with your group members. You will need to look at your book from different perspectives and analyse it carefully.

Also check this  for further information about the above You Tube clip.

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